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Getting a job after coding boot camp

Hello, i live in the USA. I plan on doing a coding Bootcamp and then move to japan to get an engineering job. My question is do they accept people coming from a coding boot camp or do i need a cs degree to get by?

From my earlier research, to get an engineering visa (which is the visa that you will need for a coding job) you need a science related degree, OR 10 years of professional experience in the relevant field.
If you’re under 30, you could probably apply for a work holiday visa and try your luck that way. There is probably a visa like that available to US citizen.

Unfortunately there isn’t any visa equivalent to the working holiday programme for US citizens.

You’re right that visa elligibility is the tricky part, and without a university degree or relevant experience, it is almost impossible to get a visa.

You can search information about FE certification (an IT certificate be accepted at Japan).