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Functional Programming in Japan


New to this site, but noticed it on my recent journey as a MS graduate student to try and find a pathway to working in Japan.

And wanted to ask since information seems hard to find, but are there opportunities in Japan for Haskell or those developing skills in functional programming, formal verification methods (SAT Solvers), and domain specific languages?

Thanks in advance!

In Japan, there are opportunities with pretty much every technology, functional programming being no exception. I’m guessing the community is smaller, but that just means it is easier to stand out. Personally, if I was wanting to get a job here doing functional programming, I’d look for an opportunity to present at a conference here. Being a speaker is a great way of making local connections, and I’m guess lots of the opportunities aren’t advertised broadly.

Most information is probably going to be in Japanese, but the people involved in the community still probably speak English to varying degrees. It looks like there’s a Japanese Haskell User Group, you might get started there.

I appreciate you taking the time to dig this site out from the void of the internet!
And I shall be sure to try and reach out to contact them sometime this semester.
It is also great to see that they have almost monthly meetups to at least try and get my foot in the door a year or two from now if I’m lucky.

May I also ask if there is any site that compiles a list of local Japanese programming conferences?

I can’t find a definitive listing of conferences. Searching for “IT カンファレンス” produces some partial lists.

Thank you so much for all your assistance!

I’m happy to hear that there is a real possibility of this happening once I finish learning my degree and some Japanese!