Frontend conferences in Japan

Hi, guys.

I’m looking for frontend conferences and meetups in Japan where you can apply with talks in English. Or at least to attend and listen for talks of others and network. I have a lot of experience with speaking at the conferences (tens of talks) in Russian and English and planing to move to Japan in the future, so I think that attending and speaking at conferences could be a good place to make contacts and start networking. What would be the best events to attend?

Speaking at a conference is a great strategy for building a network. However, there isn’t much in the way of international developer conferences in Japan, as most cater to a Japanese speaking audience. Despite this, they might still be open to have a person give a talk in English, so you could contact them regardless.

I also haven’t found much in the way of frontend conferences, even in Japanese. Frontend Conference Fukuoka and Vue Fes Japan are the only upcoming ones. Besides that, here’s some other events / conferences I’ve found:

As a general trend, I would say there tends to be more events around a specific technology, rather than a discipline one like “frontend”. So you might have better luck searching if you look for ones about something more specific.

Thank you very much for answer! Will try to look into them.