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Finding full time remote software engineer work from Japan

I have worked in Japan for some time now and hoping to return to my country within 2 months. I am looking for a full time software engineer job in japan. I can handle business level Japanese and i have participated in some projects that is popular known in japan.
It is okay me to visit Japan multiples times a year. I am having trouble finding a remote job. Most of jobs required living in Japan, But i want to work from overseas.
Can anyone help me to find companies that allows full time remote positions.

With the Coronavirus situation, many (most?) tech companies are currently working remotely. After the situation stabilizes, it’s unclear how things will settle, and if companies will mostly return to office work, or if they’ll keep remote as an option.

From a company’s perspective, having someone work remotely from another country puts more of a burden on them. Not only do they need to understand that country’s regulations with regards to contractors, things as basic as paying a salary become more complicated. Also, dealing with differences in timezones can be another challenge beyond remote work itself.

There’s also the issue that for any position that requires a Japanese speaker, the company is going to be assuming that all candidates are in Japan (as something like 99% of Japanese speakers in the world live here). That means hiring international remote workers probably isn’t on their radar.

Given all this, it’s going to be challenging to find a position that’s actively recruiting for someone like you. Probably the easiest path to a position like this, though it’s not a guaranteed one, is to work for a startup or other company that already has a flexible mindset. Once you’ve proven your value to them, they’re going to be more likely to be open to the possibility of you working remotely from another country.

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I don’t know your stack, so not sure if it’s a technical match, but our company is still hiring: Careers

There’s only two hard requirements:

  • We’re a Django/Python shop, so you should bring some experience with either (both professional and personal work is fine)
  • While we occasionally do have international clients, 95% of our communication takes place in Japanese

About 50% of us were doing full time remote even before the pandemic started. One of my coworkers joined the company while still in Australia and worked from there for about half a year.

You should be available online during regular work hours (7.5 hours between 8:00~17:45) though, so this might not be a good option if “overseas” is somewhere in the US or Europe. (Unless you like working at night)

I tried this but I have no python background. So it is not possible.
Thank you for letting me know this. If you have any more information please let me know.