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Finding a job in Japan as an Arab

Hello, I am a junior Software Developer from an Arab country (Tunisia), a third world country, I am 22 years old with a Licence in Compsci (the equivalent of a BS in the French system) and I am currently working for a company that pays for my Engineering Degree course, I am expected to get my Engineering Degree in 2023, I just wanted to know if it would be possible for me in that time to find a job in Japan with 4 years worth of experience in Java/JS development, specially that in my case i come from an African third world country, i wanted to know if my background/ethnicity/nationality would be an obstacle for that.
Thanks in advance.

I know of international developers from all over the world, including Africa, who work as software developers in Japan. So I don’t think that your nationality will be a issue.

Still, it’s challenging for people from anywhere in the world to find work in Japan, as there aren’t so many internationally friendly opportunities yet. I’d be looking at what you can do to increase your employability. I talk about ideas in my article Marketing yourself as a developer.

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Thanks for your effort.