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Entry-level developer salary and growth


What are others’ experience taking their first developer job in Japan and what was your salary growth like in subsequent years?

Since finishing JET I am starting my software dev career and have done a series of interviews in Tokyo.

I currently have one offer for 3.5 mil yen with 2 bonuses a year at a consulting agency as a frontend engineer, with potential for full-stack projects. They will also help with changing my visa over from an instructor type. This seems somewhat low but a good chance to work on skills I enjoy.

I am a computer science graduate who went on the JET program for a year, have one web dev internship, and has consistently done programming projects and some open source contributions since graduating and while teaching.


Can you please elaborate 35 million yen ?

35 million yen annual is not a realistic salary for a recent graduate. (Or even an experienced one for that matter).

You meant 3.5 million yen maybe ? Does that include the 2 bonuses ? (Well if doesnt include the bonuses the actual annual salary is 3.5 + 3.5/6 = 4.083). (around 290.000 monthly).

If it includes the bonuses, it is like 250.000 monthly.

Well, It is in the low-end, but it also totally depends on whether you want to do it, and if you will enjoy working there. If you think there is a good chemistry and good chance to improve yourself, go ahead and do it ! After 2-3 years of experience, you can go for a 5~6 million annual position.


Ahh yes, 3.5 mil yen. It does not include the 2 bonuses.

Thank you for the input.