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Hi Everyone

I recently moved to Japan (about 9 months) and I’m working at one of the largest companies in Japan at the moment. I feel like I am not getting much to learn from it and therefore want to switch. I have done some low level work in kernels, networks and Linux (and other kernels) and want to transform this hobby into a professional career in Japan. Are there any companies out there which would be willing to hire a foreigner with basic Japanese (read: Only enough for survival) who work with embedded systems?

PS - This is my first job and I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree just before I came to Japan for this job.

Are there any meetups, etc I could join where I might find possible jobs?

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!


The closest even I can think of Tokyo Linux Users Group, where you might be able to make connections that are related to low level stuff.


Thanks for the suggestion, pwim.

I think TLUG is the best bet in Tokyo, but just curious , are there more BSD groups in Japan than Linux junkies? I’m actually fine with both, just need the low level dosage :slight_smile:


Thanks sandeep.
I will definitely catch up with the TLUG soon in one of their Nomikais :smiley:

I will forward you my resume in a bit to your personal email. I hope my skills and enthusiasm for software has a place at your organization.

Regarding system engineers, most organizations I came across call an “OPS (read: DEV OPS)” role as System Engineering, that;s why I was apprehensive of using it and went with “embedded” instead.

Thank you!


It’s been about 2 months now, haven’t received any word from Sandeep. A “NO” would have been as useful as a “Yes”, but never mind that. Thanks for the help anyway.

I have approached some recruiters and forwarded them details and my interests, I think it;s how it works in Japan. I’m hoping that I can find a new profession soon, because otherwise I will have to leave Japan (Not that I want to, but personally, I’d weigh intellectual satisfaction above the quality of life).

Thanks for all the help.

And FWIW, TLUG has been called off , as no one (cw)ould step up to lead it. So the only option for that has gone out the window :frowning:



Hope you are doing well. We got new openings in our company. I have just forwarded your resume.
All the best.

Also, there is TLUG meeting this weekend. Catch up if you can.



Dear Sandeep, (and others),

Thanks for your help. But in the past half year, I have been searching for a job and have finally left Japan being unable to find a suitable embedded/operating systems engineer role.

Thank you.



If you are still looking for a job, you can possibly send us a CV , we are looking for embedded Linux Engineers: BSP, Kernel side and Userland , Network Stack XP, DPDK , ODP, we appreciate also BSD experience and RTOS experience. Japanese is a plus but not a hard requirement. We can provide VISA sponsorship if you end up getting hired.


Hi the_rd_guy,

I’m an Embedded Software Engineer and moved here to Japan in October 2016.

I’m currently active looking for a job so I was wondering if you are still looking for someone with embedded experience?

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,