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Design in Tech @ Japan

Hi there everyone,

I’m starting this thread to discuss about the current state of design fields in Tokyo and what are the most common requirements for jobs such as: UX Designer, UI Designer, Interaction Designer, …

I’ve been thinking a long time about moving to Japan and my professional field is Interaction Design. Is Japanese a requirement in this type of job? Which advices do you have for someone in my field?

Thanks a lot in advance :hugs:

If you’re working on a product for the Japanese market, you’re only going to be valuable as a designer if you have some base level of understanding of the culture and language, as these are very much related to any tasks you’ll do. So if you’re not a fluent Japanese speaker, I’m guessing you’ll be pretty much limited to working on products that target a global market.

The route to getting a job in Japan is still the same as that of a software developer. Finding a job will come down to how good your Japanese skills and technical skills are, your ability to market yourself as a great candidate, and your risk profile to the company (e.g., it’s much easier for a company to take a shot on you if you’re already here with a visa that let’s you work - like a working holiday visa).

i don’t know man, have you tried applying for a job? It’s crazy but sometimes it works