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I’m a french Delphi expert, and after two travels to Japan, I’d like to settle there for a few years. But since I’m no more a young brillant student, but 47 years old father with 2 childs, I’m not sure how easy it is for me and my family to make the step.

My english is … perfectible, but I dont speak japanese except perhaps 分かりません !

In France I’ve my own company as a single developper, but I can’t keep that activity outside my country. I can keep my clients with just an Internet connexion, but I need a a status to get payed.

So any feedback is welcome.

Sayonara !


From a visa perspective, if you’re wanting to move here and keep working for your existing clients, you should just be able to open a Japanese company. To get an investor visa, you’ll need to invest at least ¥5 million yen in the company, of which you’ll probably spend ¥1 to ¥2 million on fees for professional help (immigration lawyer, consultants, etc).

More than a visa though, my bigger concern would be your children. There is a French School in Tokyo, where as citizens of France your children can attend at a discounted rate. I think the actual cost is based on your salary, but I believe it is a round ¥1 million yen per year per child. They could also potentially attend a local school, but unless they are quite young, that might be challenging for them.


Thanks, well that’s a lot of money indeed :slight_smile:

A lawyer told me about a branch (“sucursale” in french) of my compagny. That could be cheaper.

my daughters now have 4 & 8 , but I plan this in at least 2 years…so 6 & 10…they can learn japanese before leaving…at least the basis but I don’t know if it’s enough to integrate the local school. I saw foreign children in France who learned very quickly, quicker than parents :wink:


Hi Paul, funny to see a famous Delphi ambassador here! (I think that I had you d7 book with me years ago, sorry if I’m mistaken with another PaulT). As a Delphi experienced (12year but not as expert as you are) and C# dev I have the same objective (and kid…) letd share our progress and findings in bout moving to Japan if you want to!
Jean Ressouche


Hi Jean,

Yes it’s me :wink:

Well AFAIK the possibilities are :

  • create a Japan company, but it’s a lot of money
  • create a branch (succursale), unfortunately as a freelance developper (EURL) I can’t leave France
  • find a job…the last option but as I don’t speak japan not the simplest

But if I trust LinkedIn, you do speak japan :wink: