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CV/Resume Format for English-speaking Tech Roles

Hi all,

Fairly straightforward question: what CV/resume format do companies expect for applicants applying to English-speaking tech roles (such as those advertised on TokyoDev). I understand that a Japanese-style rirekisho is not generally expected, but there’s a wide variance between, for example, UK- and US-style resumes. Would love some guidance - and especially examples - for what would be expected.


I don’t think there is any standard for English-language developer resumes. Companies aren’t expecting that you format it in a certain way, so you have the ability to write it in whatever way best highlights your abilities. I recommend checking out How to write a Developer CV/Résumé that will get you hired for ideas of how to do that.

If one is trying to land a primarily English speaking dev role, should the resume be in English or should we still have a Japanese style resume for HR or whoever does hiring?

Unless a Japanese resume is specified, I’d default to sending an English one. It’s what the company is expecting, and if the role is primarily English speaking, the person reviewing it may not be a fluent Japanese speaker. What’s more, you’ll then be judged not only on your technical acumen, but also your Japanese abilities.