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Create Back-End profile to work in Japan

Hello community.

My name is Peter. I live in Spain, and I want to work in Japan. I don’t care if it’s a foreign or Japanese company.

In my professional career, I have specialized in QA Testing, but some friends have recommended that I study Python and prepare myself to have a Back-End profile. I have worked a lot with web services.

Can you recommend training courses? I want to create an attractive profile for companies in Japan. What languages, frameworks and libraries should I study?


On TokyoDev, I’m listing relatively few QA positions, but I’ve also observed that companies have a relatively hard time filling them. Before trying to respecialize, I’d consider looking at how you could bolster your profile as a senior QA engineer. For instance, giving a presentation at a conference on the topic, or writing an article about it, while creating a highly polished resume may help.

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Thanks @pwim , great idea!