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Compensation Information

In the US, there are many resources to find compensation, benefits, and overall reviews of companies. These include sites like, glass door, and blind. Are there resources like this for Japan based positions? I like to know the range for a given role so I don’t waste anyone’s time with the interview process.

OpenWork is the Japanese Glassdoor. I think OpenSalary is inspired by Besides sites like those that give salary information on specific companies, I’ve also conducted a survey of international developers and their compensation.

While having more information is always a good thing, I’d be careful on using this to decide whether to apply or not for a given company. The information on those sites might not be accurate, and is most likely going to be based on that of Japanese employees, who may be compensated differently.

Many Japanese companies don’t like to list their salary ranges publicly, but they usually do have a target range when hiring. One strategy could be to apply, and once they ask you to interview, bring up a question about the salary range.

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