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Certificate or Work Experience important in Japan IT industry?


Hi all,

I am interest in web developing but I only possess Diploma in Computer Science certificate, is it possible for me to get job?
And a example what if, a person with 10 years programming skill but did not possess a Degree certificate, is it possible to get the job?

Sorry for my bad english

Thank you all :smile:


Being able to get a company to hire you and getting a visa are two separate things.

Companies in Japan tend not to care about what your degree is. So if you’re a good developer, they’ll want to hire you.

For an engineering visa, you either need a degree or 10 years experience. Besides the engineering visa, other options include spouse visa, investor visa (create your own company here), or humanities visa (though you won’t be able to have the job title of developer - more details here).


Thanks for reply Paul, really appreciate it.
I guess i need to work hard polishing my programming skill as web developer
and japanese language too since i just a fresh graduate :smile: