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B.S vs B.A Computer Science?

Hello! I have recently looked around at colleges and I plan to get my Computer Science degree. I have noticed that some only offer Computer Science for a B.A instead of a B.S. If I were to go for Computer Science Bachelors of Arts will this affect how employers in Japan will see it? Should I just look around for Colleges that offer Computer Science Bachelors of Arts? Thanks!

The subject itself is what matters. Whether it is called a Bachelors of Arts or Bachelors of Science shouldn’t make a difference, as there’s not anything fundamentally different about what you’ll be taught.

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I haven’t heard that they make that distinction; it seems like recent relevant experience and Japanese speaking ability are what is most important.

But there will be differences in the courses you’ll take, of course. BSCS will be part of the Engineering department, where BACS may be part of Letters and Sciences, for example. This can change the focus of what you do in school significantly. Also, if you decide to get an MSCS later, I don’t know if BACS is acceptable as a prerequisite. I wouldn’t want to have to take a year of make up classes if it isn’t.

But getting a degree shouldn’t be seen as just a ticket to a job. It is supposed to help prepare you to be able to be good at the kind of work you want to do. You should take the time to look at what kind of studying and practice you will be doing in each and how it helps prepare you for what you want to be able to do at work later.

Another thing that may be important is that degrees from only certain universities can give you more points toward a Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Visa.

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Well put!! They aren’t just looking for a degree they want to see if I am capable for the job! Thank you for the tips!