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Audio Related Jobs?

Hi everyone.

I’m currently a sohpmore studying at a University in the US, my major is computer science. I’ve studied Japanese in Japan before and will be taking Japanese classes until I graduate. My current level is around N3, maybe N2 by the time I finish school if I’m lucky. I’ve used C, Java, and Python but am most proficient with C++. I’m open to working at an American or Japanese company in Japan, but I’m not someone who’s going to ace a FAANG coding interview or anything so I’ve been thinking about how I can set myself apart. I have a degree in audio engineering with 8 years of experience doing that, I’ve also made some DAW plugins as projects. So I think I’m on the right track for a job that combines computer science/engineering and audio, but I’m having some trouble finding Japan specific information about it, the positions seem to be pretty rare. I’d say I’m most interested in DSP engineering. Does anyone here have any experience or knowledge?

Thank you