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At least confirmed email when apply jobs?

Hi there,

I’ve been here for a while and try apply to some jobs via mailbox, the first time was 2 years ago, and recently few days I apply to another job.

The first email 2 years ago I sent went to completely silence, and the last email few days ago too. I wonder if these email was successfully landing to employers’ inbox? At least we should have confirmed email that it landing safe and sound or so on?

Emails sent to those addresses are forwarded to the company, and I regularly check in with them to make sure they are receiving them. While I encourage companies to reply to every email they receive, ultimately it is up to them to decide how to handle it. Some companies will only reply to people they are interested in, others can end up overlooking them.

If you apply for a job that you’re interested in, I recommend waiting a week or two, and then if you don’t hear back, sending a follow up email. If you still don’t get a response, you’re welcome to contact me directly at, and I’ll follow up with my contact at the company to confirm the status of the application.

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