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Anybody like to create games as hobby


I’m unity developer based on Osaka. currently working for an game development company. i’m creating games in free time as a hobby. Just looking for partners or friends for improve those hobby projects. if you haver artistic skills please reply.
Thanks for reading


i’d like to create a game as a hobby, but i’m new in game dev.


What kind of games you would like to make? btw hope this is not an April fool :wink:


rpg, adventure, currently i’m work with C & Python, never tried .Net before.


Hi there, I’m unity developer too. I’m pleasured if we share knowledge each other. I live in Maebashi-shi, Gunma-ken, Japan. I have made an online game with unity, but not enough good, because it used free game server.



Unity Developer, Unreal Developer & also Game Engine programmer here. Even though I’m still very young, and don’t have a ton of experience yet, I’m willing to help and share knowledge. I’m hoping to travel to Japan under a freelancing license, as I work for various companies long-distance on contracts, and would love to be in Japan.