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Any tips for new graduates from overseas aiming to get a job in japan?

Hello Everyone, in about 2-3 years i will graduate and that makes me kinda nervous because from what i’ve seen from other forums its hard to make it to japan. This has been my dream for as long as i can remember and i want to prepare as much as i can because time goes by so fast. Is there any tips like the things you wish you knew you before that can give me ideas of what i should be doing and not doing? ANYTHING would be much appreciated because im gonna need all the help i can get to be able to accomplish my dream. Thankyou in advance :smile:

i am currently pursuing a bachelors degree in computer science

Hi mate,

Welcome here. There are two great articles from the creator of this website that you should find relevant in your case: How I Landed a Software Developer Job in Japan and Getting Your First Software Engineering Job in Japan.

As for personal experience, I’m not yet in Japan, so I can’t really give you tips. But I’m sure there are other, more seasoned, members of the forum that could share their experience.

Good luck :+1:

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Here’s what I’d recommend as a university student specifically:

  1. If you’re not already, enroll in Japanese classes at your university.
  2. See if your university has any exchange programs with Japan.
  3. To improve your employability more generally, enroll in an internship program, where you can spend a semester working for a company as a developer (in a paid position).
  4. Get involved with any local software development communities. These are often not connected to the university, but run by people in industry instead.
  5. Create things that can demonstrate your ability as a developer. This could be things such as personal projects, articles, or open source contributions.
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Figuring out on how to accomplish my dream has been difficult. Thankyou for sharing this :smile: