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3+ years experienced android dev salary in Japan?


I am android developer from Pakistan. Recently some employer has approached me through my stackoverflow profile for the position of android developer. I want to ask what is average salary paid to a 3 years experienced android dev in Japan? What is average monthly expense of a single person in Tokyo ?


Salaries are all over the place, so it is hard to say what a company would be willing to pay. ¥300,000 per month would be the low end, ¥700,000 on the high end, and perhaps ¥400,000 being decent but not exceptional.

Likewise, living costs are all over the place. Mine were about ¥250,000 per month, where I wasn’t living extravegently, but wasn’t trying hard to save money either. If you’re willing to sacrifice quality of life, and have a longer commute, you might be able to get it down to ¥150,000 per month, but I think it is harder to go lower than that.


Thank you sir.I really appreciate that :slight_smile:


Interesting, about these figures, these after the insurance / pension etc cuts, or without the cuts ? (base)


Base pay, so not including any deductions. Also, this is mostly based on my general impression from talking to companies and developers, rather than hard data.

Ultimately, your salary depends on a number of factors, including how much the company values developers, your perceived ability as a developer, your ability to negotiate, whether you’re already in Japan or not, and so on. There’s also no real cap on the high end of salaries, and depending on the specifics, it is possible to exceed even what I was saying is the high end…


That’s interesting. I never lived in Japan, but I often read from people living there that they can even live on ¥120,000 per month up to ¥200,000 as a single person in Tokyo.


Anyone saying they’re spending ¥120,000 per month in Tokyo is probably only looking at their baseline expenses. It might be possible to spend that little in a given month if you’re incredibly frugal, but once you factor in one time expenses like travelling, clothing, electronics, etc, your average monthly spend is probably going to exceed that amount.